The Balanceseat Technology

Honeycomb Multi-Layer structure & Vetagel

Honeycomb structure is a well-known technology used in architectural engineering and in various other industries to improve stability and maximising weight withstanding.

Using this as an inspiration and coupled with thousands of 3D tests, The Balanceseat Honeycomb Multi-Layer structure was developed and patented: it consists of an optimal hexagonal cell shape and a 2-layer structure, a thin layer on the top and a thick layer for the bottom allowing an even pressure distribution.

Vetagel is a high elastic polymer combined with non-skin irritating oils. Its outstanding elasticity and resistance allows the cushion to return to its original shape after each sitting session. Unlike foam-based cushions the shape is not personal.


Product details

Balanceseat exists in 2 sizes:

M: 42 x 40 x 2.5 cm

L: 46 x 42 x 2.5 cm

and is available in different cover colour: Grey (M&L), Orange (M), Olive green (M),
designed by Bullsone Co. Ltd.




This product has been subject to strict quality control.

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The warranty of this product is one year from the date of purchase.

Damages caused by the consumer are not refunded.

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