Balanceseat can be used in the medical and wellness sector for those patients suffering of reduced mobility or suffering from chronic back or cervical pain.

By providing a comfortable sitting experience for prolonged periods of time, Balanceseat can be a relief for all sorts of issues which might derive from long sitting sessions, such as muscular fatigue, or other similar issues.

  • Smooth Circulation: Blood vessels are not compressed. No pressure hot spots are developed.
  • Durable & Antibacterial: Vetagel is 99.9% antibacterial and easy to wash (also with disinfectant product used in Medical).
  • Perfect Fitting: Balanceseat ergonomic design provides the optimal weight distribution over the cushion and maintains the best sitting posture.
  • Pleasant sitting: Permeability and breathability providing long-term comfort.
  • Anti-slip: Allows the sitting posture to be maintained correctly without sliding effect.

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