Why Balanceseat?

This cushion provides an excellent sitting comfort and can be an effective prevention for muscular fatigue and pressure hot spots.

Performance and Characteristics

Balanceseat allows optimal pelvis position when sitting and limits the pain for the hips and spine. The double layer hexagonal structure (patented Multi-layer Honeycomb Technology), associated with Vetagel, allows an even distribution of the body weight pressure: the blood vessels are not compressed and blood circulation is improved.


Fabric Cushion
Compressed Blood Vessels

Smooth Blood Vessels

The excellent elasticity of Vetagel provides the best ergonomic seating position: the pelvis is maintained in the correct position, even in case of small movements and shocks or vibrations are absorbed.


Normal Seating Cushion
> The pelvis leans back
= The sagging phenomena

> Maintains a proper
pelvis position

The Balanceseat is breathable making a pleasant seating over a long period of time: air circulates in and out of each hexagonal cell. The seat cover has anti-slip properties (NST 1000). Vetagel is made of 99.9% antibacterial material and can withstand up to 70°C of temperature without shape distortion. Its small thickness makes this cushion easy to place on any chair and discrete without any compromise on its effectiveness.

Sitting Longer,MorecomfortablySmoothCirculationVibrationAbsorptionDurabilityPleasantSittingAnti SlipPerfectFitting

Perfect Fitting

Due to the Vetagel elasticity the body shape is maintained in a correct pelvis position even in case of small movements.

The ergonomic design based on 4-rounded sides will optimize the natural seating position, giving maximum comfort.

Anti Slip

The Balanceseat cover has been developed with Anti-slip properties to prevent sliding, either on leather or fabric chair.

Without an anti-slip cover the body would tend to slide towards the front, acting as an extra pressure on the pelvis and the spine.

With Anti-Slip property using NST-1000 technology the pelvis is maintained upright.

Pleasant Sitting

High quality air-mesh fabric cover combined with Double-layers Honeycomb Air Cell gives perfect air permeability. This allows for sweat or moisture to permeate away providing comfort sitting even in a warm and humid environment.

Air Pumping Effect:
Each Air-cell absorbs and discharges air with every slight body movement, increasing air permeability. This together with the breathable air-mesh fabric delivers optimal air circulation and humidity venting.


Balance Seat is easy to wash with water, durable and not easily torn. It is thermostable up to 70°C. Please refer to the care instructions for more details.

Vibration absorption

Some small vibrations can be experienced in situations such as riding on a vehicle. The outstanding elasticity of Vetagel disperses shocks and absorbs micro vibration and therefore reduces muscular fatigue on legs, back and neck.

Smooth Circulation

Sitting for a long time can become uncomfortable. This is due to blood vessels compression.

Balanceseat Honeycomb Hexagonal structure combined with Vetagel distributes the body pressure equally, which removes these pressure hot spots and improves blood circulation.